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The Dream

Ever dreamt of barging on the French Canals, but lack that essential ingredient.........the barge?

This is the place for you.

I have the barge and loads of spare room. Which is where you come in.

Why not join me on a self-catering cruise?

I’ll do all the skippery bits and you lend a hand with a bit of mooring and helping in the locks - or even more if you want.

Beyond that, you relax and enjoy.

No previous experience necessary as I will show you all you need to know.

As this is a self-catering opportunity it would be good for you to bring a friend, partner, husband or wife who is familiar with the intricacies of opening cans and heaving corks from bottles.

Picture yourself barging gently and serenely along a French waterway whilst you slow-down, relax and soak up the simple but glorious pleasures of the countryside, heritage and rural life.

This leisurely pace combined with the natural delights that France offers so effortlessly - delicious food, glorious wines and breathtaking scenery, add up to a memorable opportunity to unwind and re-discover life.

Tow-paths provide ideal cycling and gentle walking between locks although the less energetic may prefer to enjoy the timeless tranquillity of relaxing with a good book on Strom’s ample sundeck or simply taking in the delightful flora and fauna as the world glides gently by.

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